Company culture is the topic these days. How do we build a culture? How do we improve our culture? How do we sustain our culture?

And when a bunch of people start leaving or a star performer leaves, often people start asking, what is wrong with our company culture?

Sometimes the company culture is fine and what is really happening is that one of the company’s subcultures has a problem. For example, a new manager always changes the culture of his or her department somehow. A newly-placed manager, regardless of whether they have been promoted internally or hired from outside the company, needs to take the time to understand the culture of the department, what the subculture’s strengths and weaknesses are, how changes and improvements will affect that subculture, and which employees are most likely to leave if those changes are made.

It’s okay (and normal) to have subcultures within your company as long as they are healthy and are aligned with the overall culture.

(And this blog has excellent information regarding subcultures if you want to dig deeper into the topic).

Subcultures and employee attrition

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