Of the four aspects (Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding and Retention), let’s take a look at just hiring. There is no secret to hiring. It just takes work and persistence, like achieving any other goal.

Here is what hiring boils down to:

  • Determine what skills matter.
  • Screen your resumes properly for the skills and attributes needed.

  • Think about what skills are NOT listed in the resume.
  • Phone screen.

  • Interview the candidate in person.
  • Give competency tests when applicable.

  • Do a team interview and check for cultural fit.
  • Choose candidates who have at least the will to learn, if they don’t already have all of the skills required.

Obviously, there is a lot of time and energy that should be spent on each of these items and I could write a blog on each one (hmm, maybe I will). Urgency is one of the things that damages the hiring process the most. Depending upon the position, it can take time to go through all of these steps and find the best candidates. Don’t rush the process.


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