I attended a talk this week on how to work with millennials in your company. After hearing some of the issues people were having it became clear to me that the first step in resolving almost all of the issues was to discuss expectations. Surprisingly, a lot of people didn’t know what that would look like. Here is an example:

Manager: My expectations are (submitting the reports by this deadline, communicating with Joe whenever this happens, calling the customer back within 4 hours, etc.). Let’s discuss whether you think you can meet those expectations and, if not, let’s discuss the factors that would keep you from meeting those expectations.

This isn’t going to solve all the issues but it will make the issue clear and you will either get a commitment or get an idea of what issues you are facing.

And for you employees out there, if you aren’t clear on what the expectations are, ask. “What are your expectations?” Managers will appreciate the question and you will have the information you need.


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